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B.T.W. Class of 1967

The Booker T. Washington Class of 1967 consisted of approximately 556 students. We were blessed with principals, teachers and others that provided us with a strong foundation in education and morals for life.

The class of 1967 works tirelessly from year to year to plan and execute activities designed to promote unity among class members.  As a fellow Warrior, we hope you will contact us regarding meeting dates, proposed initiatives, and volunteer to keep the momentum going.

We are currently planning a series of fund raisers, social events and community service projects, the revenue from which will be used to financially benefit Booker T. Washington High School

Our Motto

"We're Tops."
"We Lead And Others Follow"

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Up Coming Events

Dear Fellow BTW Warrior:


The Class of 1967 would like to thank you for your participation at the  “Jazzy 60’s Sock Hop” held October 4, 2008 from 8:00 pm until 12:00 am at the Hickory Hill Community Center located at 3910 Ridgeway Road, Memphis, Tennessee.   

This is just one of many social gatherings, fundraisers and special events the class will sponsor in our efforts to financially support various projects and activities at our Alma Mater, Booker T. Washington.  After all, remember our Motto is:  “We Lead and Others Follow.”  In this instance, please follow us as we engage in events for the sole purpose of supporting our school.


As a classmate of the 1967 graduating class, you are among the elite 556 graduates (the largest graduation class of the era) to make a significant mark not only in Memphis and surrounding areas, but also in the country.  We have classmates flung far and wide.  To solidify our efforts we need to develop and support our fledgling website, make periodic contacts with classmates, plan other fundraisers and social functions.  All these ventures require funds.  We are asking that you pay a mere $25.00 in annual dues to help support these activities.  Checks or Money Orders can be made payable to BTW Class of ’67 and mailed c/o Vernice Worthy Vann at 6979 Garrick, Memphis, TN  38119.


In order to meet our goals and deadlines, we need your check or money order ASAP.  Please help us help others who have come behind us at BTW.  This letter comes as a request to help give back to the source of the foundation which made our personal and professional successes possible.



Please Email us at


Thank You in Advance.


Class of 1967 Planning Committee Members

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